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rwd fwd

by dayo@fullyfocusedproductions.com in Home page blog on June 10, 2016


Do you ever wish you could go back in life so you could do things differently? http://rwdfwd.org

RWD FWD was commissioned by the Good Agency for the Restorative Justice Council.

Fully Focused team up with Percelle Ascot, Joivan Wade, Mandip Gill, Chizzy Akudolu and Richard Murphy to bring you the powerful and moving RWD FWD.


why we need a food revolution - jamie oliver's #FoodRevolutionDay2015

by teddy@fullyfocusedproductions.com in Home page blog on May 22, 2015


Some of the team at Fully Focused talk about why we need a food revolution in support of Jamie Oliver's #FoodRevolutionDay. We turned around this whole film in 5days because we believe what Jamie Oliver is doing is so important and we are fully supporting Food Revolution Day.


y-stop parts 1 & 2

by teddy@fullyfocusedproductions.com in Home page blog on May 22, 2015


A brand new film starring actors from Mandem on the Wall, Youngers and Eastenders as well as music from Kyze, Giggs and My Nu Leng. Y-Stop highlights your rights and vital skills needed to handle police stop and search scenarios. 

Y-Stop is a collaboration between young people, charities, lawyers, community and media organisations. 


change their lives

by teddy@fullyfocusedproductions.com in Home page blog on December 03, 2014

Fully Focused receives a commission from education charity Teach First to make a film that encourages graduates to join the Teach First Leadership Development Programme, highlights the issue of educational disadvantage and the importance of a good teacher.



itv news report on riots, tottenham and mark duggan

by teddy@fullyfocusedproductions.com in Home page blog on January 21, 2014


More than 2 years on from the largest case of mass civil unrest in modern Britsh history, where are we now? Fully Focused recieved a commision from ITN to make a news report for ITV News London around how communities affected are feeling two and a half years on from the riots.


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