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Riot from wrong


On the 4th day of the riots, in the face of the devastation and destruction, surrounded by negativity and misconception,19 passionate young people from across London came together to take positive action.

The critically acclaimed, eye opening documentary RIOT FROM WRONG is a result of that positive action.


Over 80 screenings across Britain and Europe.

Just some of these screenings include; Official Selection at The East End and Portobello Film Festivals, sell out screenings at the BFI, Roundhouse and Somerset House, an exclusive screening at The Houses of Parliament and at Cambridge University's Institute of Criminolgy and Oxford University's esteemed Christ Church College.


Available for personal and public purchase. 


Private £9.99

Purchase DVD & License Agreement.

This allows your organisation to screen RFW publicly and hold within your archives indefinitely.

Charity - £100

Purchase DVD & License       Agreement.

This allows your University to screen RFW publicly, use as a resource and hold within your archives / library indefinitely.

University - £200


















'This film breaks the mould of conventional perceptions peddled by the mainstream media. It opens doors that have remained firmly closed on a generation which feels disenfranchised and disempowered. Made by young people at street level who have access and credibility, not by pontificating pundits. It is set to become an historic and definitive document. A resource which should be viewed by all those who care about the restoration of an inclusive and effective democracy.'

Michael Mansfield QC

'The best documentary on the August Riots bar none'.

Adrian Dunbar - Actor & Director

'One thing I learned from Riot From Wrong is that 14 young people can get closer to the truth than 90% of working journalists'. Everyone in the UK who has ever expressed an opinion on the riots (namely everyone) needs to see this as soon as possible.

Dan Hancox - Author: Kettled Youth - Journalist: Guardian

'Great documentary piece, creatively and editorially. Good narrative and most importantly emotional and engaging.'

Tanya Mukherjee - Head of Diversity: ITV

'It was a very impressive film and demonstrated a unique insight into some of the causes of the riots. These young people could be the leading documentary makers of the future!'

Ayshea Buksh - Reporter BBC London TV news

'The best & most articulate portrayal of the reasons behind the riots that I've seen. I hope it reaches far and wide, it has a really important message & education for people across society.'

Amy Spiller - Media Trust

'Informative and balanced portrayal of last summers events - Should be seen by a wider audience. Well done to all the young people who worked so hard on this well made documentary.'

Ginny Lunn - Director of Policy and Strategy: Princes Trust

'This film is incredible, it really opened my eyes to the many issues young people face today...'

Mitch Winehouse - Amy Winehouse Foundation


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