Fully Focused is a genuine youth led media organisation that uses the power of film to challenge perceptions, raise awareness, change mindsets and transform lives.








what we do


At Fully Focused we use the power of film to challenge perceptions, raise awareness and transfom lives.

Led by a young team of 19 with a dedicated core group of 15, Fully Focused is a powerful and very real example of youth media at it's best.

We are commited to creating high qaulity media that tackles issues most important to our team and other young people and communities throughout the UK and beyond.

We make documentaries, films, music videos, news reports and online content. Every project we undertake we do so with focus, discipline, passion and determination with the aim of creating a masterpiece. This can be tiring but it's our ethos to always push our boundaries beyond the possible!

The result of this drive are projects like our critically acclaimed documentary Riot From Wrong. For a film that started with no budget and now has hosted over 65 Screenings across the UK and Europe in less than a year, it is testament to the whole teams devotion. 


Fully Focused compete with the best, while also supporting communities nationwide by offering personal and professional development to those who need it most.

Media organisations and the press in this country tend to misrepresent the most important issues affecting young communities everywhere. These stories need to be heard and our role is to accurately bring these issues to the fore. A great example of bringing these issues to the masses and of mainstream media working with youth media, is becoming one of the first ever external commissions from BBC London News. We were commissioned to create a 2.5 min report. FF wrote, filmed, produced, directed, edited and presented the piece. We also managed to keep full editorial control with BBC News editor Antony Dore happily signing off what we produced. This resulted in exactly what we created being put out on the BBC London News BBC1 at 1.30pm and 6.30pm. For us was a very proud moment for youth voice being amplified.

how we do it

We offer one to one mentoring through a fully collaborative production process, encouraging young people to reach their creative peak. This untapped potential can provide the bridge to mainstream education, training or employment.

All our films promote responsibility and positive social change from our young team to other young people, their wider communities and influential movers, shakers and policy makers.

We ensure that our output engages with a wide audience by using our own networks and collaboration with partners. These include online, private or public screenings, film festivals and large scale events.

Our methods include fully accredited training programs, which focus on full engagement with young people’s creative passions.

By inspiring our members, we can evolve organically, as the trainees become the mentors over time.

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