Fully Focused is a genuine youth led media organisation that uses the power of film to challenge perceptions, raise awareness, change mindsets and transform lives.








Who are we?

Our team is made up of 8 permanent staff, 35 young people who feed into every single project and shape everything that we do, our alumni who often support us on projects and a talented pool of professional freelancers. There are too many to profile, but here are a selection.


Teddy Nygh - Co-founder - Creative Director

Teddy began his career as an actor and during this time, made two major decisions that would shape his career path for the future. Firstly, he began working with young people who were at risk of under achieving. Secondly he picked up a camera and made his first film in 2004. This film, a multi award winning hip-hop documentary called Clash Of The Tight One’s, is where Nygh cut his teeth as a director. After a five year journey with the documentary, through film festivals and screenings across the world, winning a number of best documentary awards and learning a variety of vital skills needed to set up and run production company, in 2007 Fully Focused Productions was born. Teddy went on to direct several high end music promos all shot using The Red, a camera which revolutionised digital film making. As well as directing these promos for television, Nygh also produced and directed the It’s My Thing, Black History Month and UK Cypher campaigns for American TV channel BET.

As more and more creative youth media projects were being run through Fully Focused Productions, discussions began between Teddy and television producer/camera operator Nick Bedu about setting up a youth media organisation. This made perfect sense because of the work Nygh and Bedu were doing in both areas and in July 2010 the two friends set up Fully Focused Community.

So much has happened since the birth of FF and every day is a new exciting challenge to develop, grow, adapt, create and inspire.


Nicky Bedu - Co-founder & Head of Production

Nicky is a Film and Television Producer and co-founder of Fully Focused Community. He was a Producer on 'Riot From Wrong' and is involved with the day to day running of Fully Focused, in particular behind the scenes. Nick has worked in film and television for 15 years. His passion for seeing both content and the production teams that create it, reflect the true diversity and issues of Great Britain, has been the driving force behind his partnership with Teddy Nygh. Nick and Ted are old school friends and built a solid working relationship when they collaborated on the groundbreaking gang-awareness 'Codebreaker' project for Haringey Council. The project combined outreach and workshops with a high quality music video and the 9 young people involved all went on to win numerous awards for their participation in the project. 

It was the success of this working partnership and again on a number of other music promo's that led to the formation of Fully Focused Community. Subsequent collaborations (with Nick as Producer or Cameraman) for FFC have included 'My Life' a documentary that looks deeper than the stereo type of young parents and a film on Agincourt Pupil Referral Unit, a promo for Centrepoint Parliament and more. Nick is delighted with the progress of Fully Focused Community and pledges his further support as the incredible journey continues.



Leah Henry - Fundraising & Development 

Leah Henry joined Fully Focused in 2015 as Fundraising and Business Development Manager to secure funds and grow the organisation; supporting our work as a not-for-profit independent production company and funding our youth-focused training programme. Leah also co-produces many of our biggest films and works across casting to secure the best established and bright new talent.

Leah has worked in television and the arts for 22 years, before joining Fully Focused she spent several years as a BBC Commercial Executive, part of a team responsible for the co-production, funding and brand management of flagship International BBC titles including Top Gear, Strictly Come Dancing, Dragons Den, The Office, BAFTA award winning Mitchell & Webb, etc. Leah also ran her own company offering promotional films, brand communications and media consultancy services on a freelance basis.

"I am honoured to work at such a pioneering, creative, collaborative organisation. Fully Focused is an amazing team, our work as one of the leading youth-focused production companies in the UK is at the forefront of online content creation. I am passionate about raising awareness for the lack of inclusivity in the creative industries, and working hard to actually make a change. Together we have produced thought-provoking, award winning and beautiful films while helping talented young people access the opportunities they truly deserve in life"


Rosa Powloski - Strategy & Operations

Rosa first got involved with Fully Focused supporting on "Riot From Wrong' one of our founding documentaries. Quickly becoming a voluntary board member in 2011 with a focus on governance, planning, strategic planning and legal compliance.  Now part of the inhouse team she continues to lead the strategic planning process and operations, supporting the fast growing team.

'Each year we have managed growth carefully, stuck fast with being youth-led not youth focused and insisted on quality across all our areas of work and support. It is incredible to see members of our youth team in paid roles and making such a significant contribution on projects; making a difference to their peers directly and inspiring change to millions via their screens.'

Rosa is also on the board of The Institute of Voluntary Action Research (IVAR) and has completed a masters in Charity Effectiveness and Philanthropy at CASS.





Bani Mendy - Creative Producer

Bani has had a life long love of film, spending his childhood documenting family life through the lens of a super 8 camera. Since graduating in Film Production with a specialism in directing from The Arts Institute at Bournemouth, Bani has had much success across several platforms; namely music video, having directed over 50 promos, most featuring on MTV and many of them highlighted in prestigious publications. Artists have included the likes of Top Loader, Example, Tinchy Stryder, N-Dubz, The Agitator and Gareth Emery among others.

Documentary: Bani has had his documentary JuJu screened at many locations including Screen 1 at BFI, work since has won awards such as Best Documentary at the Triforce Film Festival at Bafta 2015, for the Amy Winehouse Foundation film produced by Fully Focused. He also worked as DOP on the series ‘Living The Life’, which featured on Sky Living and featured the likes of Stephen Fry, Bill Wyman, Twiggy, George Lamb and John Hurt.

Drama: Having worked on several feature films as well as shorts, TV shows and online content; Bani has built up a strong repertoire within drama. Since joining Fully Focused, he has worked as a producer and cinematographer on several films which have seen great success. (Y.Stop, RWD FWD, DeepIt). Bani has directed a host of British talent including, Lorraine Stanley (London to Brighton), Alexandra Roach (Iron Lady, Utopia), Morgan Watkins (Kingsman, Chicken) and Danny Midwinter (Human Traffic, The Borgias).

His ability to don many hats on a film set has allowed him to develop a unique perspective on the production process; he currently focuses on working as a Producer, Director or Cinematographer, depending on the project at hand.

Alex Simpson - Channel Manager

I have been a member of Fully Focused since the early summer of 2011. I initially joined FF as I wanted to get experience in the film & media industry. But in addition to this, I have gradually become more involved in the producing, developing and management side of FF. Outside of FF I am the Artistic Director of the eMeNDè drama company and I am also enrolled onto an apprenticeship course learning about media this enables me to transfer my new skills learnt to FF. I attend and take part in many of the Q&A sessions, and pride myself on being able to mingle and make connections with other like-minded organisations and look at possible partnerships we can set up in the future. FF is very important to me, as it looks deeper at issues that affect young people in our communities. I am proud that as a group we are able to raise awareness of these issues.



Young Team Members



Adenan Nasri

I have been an active member of Fully Focused since graduating in television film and broadcasting in 2011. The course enabled me to become an expert in certain areas of production this has allowed me to become a strong member of the FF team. I joined Fully Focused because my passion lies in the field of media, and I am able to use and build on my knowledge of editing, camerawork and planning. I am extremely proud of the success of the film Riot From Wrong and everyone showing their loyalty towards the community. FF is important to me as it keeps my passion for media burning. The future of Fully Focused is bright and I believe in time we will only become bigger and stronger.


Melina Martinez

I joined Fully Focused in 2011 recommended by WAC arts, I knew I would be able to learn many new skills, participate in exciting experiences and bring my outspoken and cheerful personality to FF. As an alumni I can now pass on these skills to new members and help them find what they truly want to do. I am currently studying criminology with criminal psychology at university and feel that I can incorporate my academic knowledge into any future projects with FF and other production companies. I am very proud and honoured to be a part of Fully Focused and still be able work together to try and make a change for other young people.


Jake Whyte

I have been a member of fully focused since 2011. So much has happened over the last few years for us, which has came from the hard work and dedication from the whole team. At the moment I am in the transition period, of learning things that I haven't learned yet and also, I will be mentoring new members as they join.



Kyle Adair-Whyte

From a young age I've always been interested in media, I felt that it was my way of expressing myself and working hard at the same time. I have been in involved with various groups across the UK and have had the pleasure to perform at some of London’s best events. I have a feeling that no matter where life carries me I will always have a passion for media and all the kinds of experiences it brings.  I have been involved with Fully Focused right from the beginning. My experience interviewing people from all walks of life for our documentary Riot From Wrong was amazing. We worked really hard on this production as we had no funding what so ever but still wished to make a full documentary of broadcast standard. We also wanted to get a multitude of opinions and perceptions of what happened and to do that we strived to acquire a diverse final cut. Being involved in filming, researching and editing as well as being involved in the sound dubbing and colour grading process at post houses in Soho has made me even more determined to make more good documentaries.


Philli Glenn

I joined Fully Focused last summer, because I saw the documentary Riot from wrong and spoke to the people who actually took part in the making. I had never seen something like that done before and I was amazed that all those young people had a chance to speak. This is where my interest began. FF reaches points and makes you think differently to how you would have before. Which is what I really want to help do, expand peoples minds and views, this is why FF is important to me.  I am an actor and a dancer, outside FF. If there is one thing that I would say I am most proud of achieving in FF, it was having a few minutes on the BBC. I got to do what I never had, speak my mind about what I've seen go wrong in my community. There was so much amazing feedback. I cannot wait to do something like that again.




Sabrina Rafael

A few years ago I got asked to do an ITV news report interview, it was then when I met the team and decided to become a member. For many years I had been an active member of youth led organisations that raise awareness on youth based issues, but the attraction of Fully Focused was being given the opportunity to do so in a more artistic manner. I am currently at university studying Biomedicine, and so being a FF member exposes me to new and creative spaces which I otherwise would not have had.Together we deliver quality media from a very passionate place which makes me an extremely proud member.



Thibaut Nyemba

Fully Focused has allowed me to meet so many awesome people. As a new member they have accepted me with open arms, quickly making me feel part of the family. Every project with Fully Focused has been a learning curve and has allowed me to grow not only as a filmmaker but as individual. I look forward to what the future has in store for the team and I hope to be a part of it.


Titodamus Maher

Born as a lion, raised as an eagle, back in the UK and found Fully Focused in October of 2014. I joined because I could see a team dedicated to raising awareness on issues affecting the youth and in turn the rest of society, and I wanted to become a part of it. Since joining I have learned and experienced many aspects of working in the media production field. I am eager to learn more and pass on the things that I've learned to others willing to learn.



Anthony Williams

I first joined Fully Focused in 2013 as part of an apprenticeship scheme. After my apprenticeship was finished I still continued to be a part of Fully Focused, as I believe in their goals to spread positive messages to the youth through social content. As I am currently a student, I work part time with Fully Focused, which allowed me to gain more experience in the media production field regularly.



Alexander Filmer-Sankey

I came to London from the smog lands of north east England with one goal, to make films. At Fully Focused I have had many opportunities to do so. I have been challenged and tested, and have learned a lot during my time as a member. It is a rewarding experience to work with people who care for the present and the future and have a genuine love for the world around them. With a team of high energy, and very creative individuals, anything can happen.



Adriano Arpino

I have been a member of Fully Focused since early 2015. I was very inspired to join such an ambitious team as every member is a free thinker, and when the team combine ideas, we form magic! I've always been a media enthusiast having studied it in school, and with Fully Focused, I hope to enhance my experiences and attain further skills which I can hopefully then pass on to others who would like to venture in the media field. I am proud to be part of such a team because as a unit, we recognise social issues of today and provide our perspective from an alternative angle that isn't so 'mainstream'. It is always amazing being part of an organisation that have ambition and put out as much positivity as possible. Coming from an Italian background and having also picked up the Spanish language, I have been able to understand differences and experience differences in different cultures and settings, Fully Focused has members from all different backgrounds, and we prove that the combination of our differences, has formed something magnificent! I thrive to put out as much love and positivity around the world, and having graduated with a degree in geography, I have a profound love for our planet and would love to one day go around the world and capture amazing scenes and ideas with the skills I'll adopt with Fully Focused! One love!



Skylla Batista

I'm Skylla! I've been with FF for a year now and the reason I joined FF is the for the passion I have for media and to help me develop in the field I would like to work in in the future. My journey in Fully Focused has been so packed with learning curves and challenges. I am now more skilled and knowledgeable in different areas and I just can't wait for what the future has to hold for not only myself, but my amazing Fully Focused family! It's the best feeling to find a group of people you can work with, connect with and vibe with!



Gerrome Miller

Hi, I'm Gerrome Miller, 17, an aspiring actor, currently in my last year in college, I've loved acting ever since I was 9 years old and have pursued a career in that ever since, I also write my own music and so you could say I love anything to do with performance, I joined Fully focused late 2015 as an actor but since I haven't only just been made to feel like family but also being taught more than what I signed up for which is a great thing about the company, for example I've done sound work on shoots as well as camera assistant on one of the latest projects "RWDFWD". My ultimate goal is not only to become a working theatre actor but to also run my own company in the future which follows the same discipline as Fully Focused and so I believe theres no better place to be as I'm able to get first hand research as well as knowledge.



Angel Shepherd-Bascom

I joined Fully Focused at the end of 2015 and ever since I joined I have enjoyed every moment being part of the team. It is definitely one of the best decisions I’ve made in furthering myself in my passion for filmmaking and overall networking with new people. As a new member to FF I was given a really lovely welcome and the group have made me feel like a part of their family so comfortably. Since joining FF I have taken part in various film projects and spoken at media events, which was something outside my comfort zone but I’m so thankful I’ve had the opportunity to do so with the support of the FF team. The journey so far has been a massive learning curve, filled with great memories and skill development both as an individual and filmmaker. I look forward to seeing what the future holds for FF and the team.


Previous Members


Amy Perry

In November 2012 I sat and watched Riot From Wrong at my university. I was truely inspired, moved and emotionally touched by the film and straight after, I asked to become part of the Fully Focused team. I am currently studying a degree in Youth Studies, and being part of FF enables me to gain experience and knowledge first hand. FF has encouraged me to do things I would never have done before, like speak to big crowds of people and network in a large room filled with strangers. The ambition and passion of making the world a better place for young people is a key value to me, and one that is also shared within FF. I have enjoyed every moment so far and I am very proud to be part of the Fully Focused Family.

Kye Taliana

I joined Fully Focused in autumn 2012 and joined to gain experience in media, filming and producing and working in the community. FF helps me to network and learn new skills like ways of filming and editing. Outside of FF I am a personal freelance photographer, and I also do peer tutoring at a College Arts.  I joined FF when I saw the film Riot From Wrong at a screening as part of a documentary evening at my college and after speaking to the members was encouraged to join. I am proud to have had the opportunity with FF to film and edit for the BBC. I hope as a group we can gain a lot more exposure and show a lot more to the world of what we are about, through our big movements and goals hopefully we will soon all achieve this together.


Chevoy Edwards

I have been involved in Fully Focused since 2012. I joined fully focused to be a part of a great organisation and make a difference to other young people. I have always been interested in film so doing this is the start of a dream and through Fully Focused I am also doing an apprenticeship with Collage Arts. FF has helped me to develop my creativity and acting skills, this lead to me being in a short film about unemployment. I am proud of the way all the FF members come together like one big family and we all share the same goals and ambitions of FF doing greater things to help young people in society.


Eddis Ozcelik

I have been involved with Fully Focused since early 2012. I joined through a friend, and ever since the first meeting, I was left captivated by the positive energy coming from the group. As an aspiring director I feel this is the place I can fine tune a whole range of skills needed to  be successful. My other life consists of being a film student and a part time lifeguard. My biggest strength is being able to speak to anyone, this is important because I’m strongly involved with the Q&A's we host. My main role is to stay fully focused at everything we do from filming to networking. I am deeply proud of the positivity and drive of Fully Focused. We all share the same ethos and have a passion for film and media, but most importantly we all want to do something good for young people and our communities. I'm really looking forward to be the progression of the Million Youth Movement. I have no doubt that the future is a prosperous one for us.


Tino Girandola

I’ve been a member of Fully Focused since 2011; I joined due to my passion for media and wanted to get back into the industry. Fully Focused is important to me because it helped me get back into media which I wasn’t really involved with before. Outside of Fully Focused I am an IT and Media Assistant at WAC Arts. I studied media studies at GCSE level and then at sixth form, where I discovered my passion for editing. Editing, filming and organizing are some of the many skills that I bring into the FF team. I am proud of the way in which the team have grown together which has created a sense of a family environment where we all feel comfortable around each other and work extremely well together, I am also proud of the success of our first major project together, the documentary ‘Riot From Wrong’. I hope that in the future our projects are as successful as our first.


Board Members


Rowan Carnihan

Rowan joined Fully Focused in the early days when Ted and Nick, who were both  her old friends from school,  first started working together. Initially asked to work on a business plan, this soon turned into fundraising, then co-producing, planning and many other things, and more than 3 years on Rowan is still part of the family. She has a background in the third sector and community events management, with over 15 years experience working with young people. As well as her commitment to Fully Focused, she is currently the coordinator of the Amy Winehouse Foundation. It's hard for Rowan to pinpoint which single moment is most memorable. Each screening is significant to Rowan for its own reasons. The thing that touches her the most every time is watching the young team host eloquent and heartfelt Q&A's amongst  varied and sometimes challenging audiences. To witness them on their journey and know that she is part of it makes Rowan very proud.



Nathalie Hughes 

A passionate marketeer, humanitarian, poet and spoken word artist. Nathalie initially joined the Fully Focused team in 2011 to drive the marketing plan for Riot From Wrong and Million Youth Media. Beyond this, Nathalie was blown away by the passion of the young team and transformative nature of the incredible content produced.

Strategic and highly creative, Nathalie has worked in TV and Film marketing for the past 7 years, supporting international marketing strategies across EMEA and LATAM at Sony Pictures and holding key PMO and marketing roles for the launch of both YouView and EE TV, digital TV services.

Nathalie is currently Head of Marketing and Content Partnerships at Netgem and a strategic advisor to Centiment.io.



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