Fully Focused is a genuine youth led media organisation that uses the power of film to challenge perceptions, raise awareness, change mindsets and transform lives.








about us

At Fully Focused we use the power of film to challenge perceptions, raise awareness and transform lives.

While FF is led by a core team of 15 young adults we have a team of 19 young people in total. This is combined with the wealth of experience carried by a few 'older' members. We are also dedicated to working with and reaching young people across London and beyond. We are currently running industry-standard, hands on film and media training and workshops. As well as bespoke social development and employability skills workshops across London.

All of our inspirational and thought provoking visual  projects promote social change from a grassroots level...

Building platforms for expression on a global level is another priority for us, we achieve this through developing our constantly expanding networks.

As a non-profit organisation, our output is more affordable for low-budget organisations and charities, but our content is always high end, professional, current and real. Our clients benifit from a wealth of production experience combined with a sharp collective of passionate intelligent young minds. We have developed a number of strong partnerships with like minded organisations both large and small, this ensures we are always busy with collaborations and commissions. We are strong believers in working together to achieve a bigger impact... Hence our hash tag on Twitter #UnityExpressionProgress :)

We aim to consistantly inspire minds and broaden horizons while always looking deeper through the lens.


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